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How my bands helped me to give lectures for a large audience

Like many young professionals, I too struggled to find the confidence necessary to address a (big) audience during and after my studies. When I started my job as a lecturer at the University of Groningen years ago, the first thing I did was to hire a coach to help me find my cool and Zen in front of the students. He did help me and I was able to pass as a 'real' teacher. Students listened and most of them seemed to enjoy the lessons and discussions we had. But I never felt at ease, nor did I truly believe I belonged in front of those classes. Now, almost ten years later, I still get nervous to give a lecture or workshop. But in those ten years, I have found trust in myself. Yes, I belong in front of those classes and audiences. Yes, I have faith I have interesting stories and knowledge to share. And for a big part, this self-assurance is due to my experience as a musician in punkbands.
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Feminist Aid Kit: Spreken voor een groep doe je zo

Sta jij met klotsende oksels te bibberen tijdens het geven van een presentatie of lezing? Dan ken vast al die truc om net te doen alsof iedereen in het publiek in z’n blootje zit. Maar helpt dat jou? Mij werkt dat alleen maar meer op mijn zenuwen. Al dat bloot vlees dat je aan zit te gapen,….
Hier zijn zes tips om wél goed uit je woorden te komen!
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