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Refugee – a song –

In June, my band De Introns recorded this song. I wrote it after a visit to the refugees in 2012 who had set up camp in the middle of The Hague. Check their blog: Recht op Bestaan.


Read here about the camp set up in Ter Apel in 2011: Kamperen bij Ter Apel (Dutch)

Also see my report on our visit to Calais in 2012: De jungle van Calais (Dutch)





By de Introns


When you kissed your kids goodbyeTer Apel 29 nov

did they know that you cannot fly

A knock on the door the end

political doubt drove you out

So you crossed borders through countless lands

A trip around the world to one’s end

Touched by a hundred bare hands

Fucked up by people who you called friends


Exploited wasted

Nowhere to go

The unwashed the dark side

That’s all you know


What should I say to the refugee

squatting a tent in front of parliament

Why we’re not on the news he asks me

We’ve run from violence, war & poverty


But you don’t give a fuck

No you don’t give a fuck



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