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Desensitized- a song by MalaMondo

malamondo girls punk band from Groningen

Desensitized- a song by MalaMondo

A new clip from our last gig at Bambara, Groningen. This song is written by Roisin, and vents about her and our frustration of the desensitization of people. She calls for the right to feel again.

We all get overwhelmed by terrible news, and awful stories. There is so much misery in the world that sometimes it seems that the world and life itself is horrible of character. The news does not tell us about all the wonderful things happening in the world. There is no balance in the news: we do not read how people help each other out, how people fight for a better world and how much love, friendship and loyalty there is between people and other animals.

Desensitization is defined as ‘the diminished emotional responsiveness to a negative or aversive stimulus after repeated exposure to it.’ This feeling of desensitization is enlarged by being or feeling powerless. We see the devastation of war and environmental disasters on the news, but we feel utterly helpless to stop it. We are at the risk of becoming so desensitized that we will not stand up against injustice at all anymore. We will end up consuming the devastation of our planet and the species on it.



by Reynaert Vosveld



Blood and hunger,

war and poverty,

violence and rape,

doesn’t bother me.


So exposed to horror,Malamondo performing at Bambara, Groningen, juni 2016

seen on the TV,

all the blood and hunger,

desensitized me.

Seen it in a film,

war and poverty,

read it in the papers,

doesn’t bother me.


I hear helpless cries,

but i’m desensitized.


Want to feel anger, feel fear,

but I can’t even shed a tear.

Want to feel and care,

I want tears in my eyes,

but violence on the telly made me desensitized.


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