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How my bands helped me to give lectures for a large audience

Like many young professionals, I too struggled to find the confidence necessary to address a (big) audience during and after my studies. When I started my job as a lecturer at the University of Groningen years ago, the first thing I did was to hire a coach to help me find my cool and Zen in front of the students. He did help me and I was able to pass as a 'real' teacher. Students listened and most of them seemed to enjoy the lessons and discussions we had. But I never felt at ease, nor did I truly believe I belonged in front of those classes. Now, almost ten years later, I still get nervous to give a lecture or workshop. But in those ten years, I have found trust in myself. Yes, I belong in front of those classes and audiences. Yes, I have faith I have interesting stories and knowledge to share. And for a big part, this self-assurance is due to my experience as a musician in punkbands.
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