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Parental Leave

From the newspaper of the University of Groningen, a piece written bij Jeanine Duijst”

Taking parental leave in the arts department is a bad idea. You certainly won’t get an extension to conduct your research, even though you give up some of your salary. That’s because the faculty doesn’t have enough money, board member Egon Dietrich says. He says you can easily plan a pregnancy. Other faculties at the RUG freely give extensions for parental leave. Such an awkward arrangement results in delays after having a child, employment expert Janneke Plantenga says. The RUG appeals to the right of self-determination within each university faculty, but there is criticism of that approach. Both the union and the university council have placed this unfair approach on their agendas for discussion.”

Read the whole piece in the newspaper of the University of Groninen:

Illustratie Paul de Vreede

Illustratie Paul de Vreede

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