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De Introns: You better Run

De Introns uploaded two new and free recordings to their bandcamp page, including the song Run. This song is about state- and social control and the difficulties we face in everyday life resisting it.



Everything we do has become traceable and left vulnerable to hateful attacks and to surveillance by the police or corporations. Social media turns into social control. The pressure others impose on us and we ourselves internalize to keep up a lovable face and a successful life measured by societies standards, is killing our options to stand together and seek support and help.

It is one thing to have other people and yourself limiting your freedoms, a whole different level is the huge opportunities the present day digital society hands the state and corporations. Our cellphones track our location continually with GPS, in addition the Dutch introduced the OV chipcard to make it super easy to follow individuals whereabouts when they use public transport. The data on our health is being neatly organized in the Electronic Medical Records (in the Netherlands the EPD), our financial affairs are all easily accessible, our mail is mostly e-mail nowadays,… Staying anonymous has become a political act as resisting the state becomes more and more difficult. There is a longtime tendency for the corporations and governments to eagerly collect all the data about the individual citizen, turning it into profiles to use for policing and advertising, while the public faces extreem difficulties getting knowledge about the functioning and acting of said institutions.


Band De Introns at Ladyfest Brussel 2016

De Introns at Ladyfest Brussel 2016


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Run Run Run

They’re holding a gun; run


The system is collecting,

suspecting. What were you expecting

from aliens detecting

all data and meta, collecting

for meta analyzing

The resistance ain’t rising.

No fighting the state,

no fighting, just hate

Run. Run.


Run Run Run

We’re holding the gun

Green paper for later

The office is später

No rules to brake

when you’re always late

Understanding the situating

and demanding in frustrating


Why the fuck won’t you run

You better run, run, run


Run Run I’m holding the gun

You post your shit on the wall

expecting me to take the fall

Stupidity rules in the land of the fools

Bravery is punished and the winner is the dumbest

Understanding the situating

And demanding in frustrating

No fighting the state No fighting just hate

We are fighting the state, keep on fighting the hate


Simone Segouin, or "Nicole", a French resistance fighter who captured 25 Nazis in the Chartres area, in addition to liquidating others, poses with a German MP 40 with which she is most proficient.

Simone Segouin, or “Nicole”, a French resistance fighter who captured 25 Nazis in the Chartres area, in addition to liquidating others, poses with a German MP 40 with which she is most proficient.


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  1. Tip:
    In het boek ‘Je hebt wél iets te verbergen: Over het levensbelang van privacy’, laten onderzoeksjournalisten Maurits Martijn en Dimitri Tokmetzis zien dat privacy het meest bedreigde mensenrecht van onze tijd is. Ze leggen bloot welke gegevens je allemaal weggeeft en aan wie. En, belangrijker nog: welke ingrijpende gevolgen dat heeft voor ons allemaal.

    Dit boek is het resultaat van jarenlang diepgravende onderzoeks- en datajournalistiek naar privacy en surveillance voor De Correspondent, waarvoor Maurits Martijn en Dimitri Tokmetzis verschillende journalistieke prijzen wonnen.

  2. Life coaching certification

    De Introns punk uit Groningen: RunRunRun | Esmeralda Tijhoff

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