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MalaMondo: Fuck you!

In nasleep van Internationale Vrouwendag wil ik nog even een liedje posten van mijn band MalaMondo. De feiten over seksuele intimidatie en geweld liegen er niet om. 40% Van de vrouwen en 14% van de mannen in Nederland zegt ooit te maken te hebben gehad met seksueel overschrijdend fysieke handelingen. How fucking dare you touch me?!
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Bike Wars

Being Dutch means being on a bike. This video-clip of my band MalaMondo just came out. I love it!
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Doge jo wol – song by LinK

De opvang van vluchtelingen is geen nieuw 'probleem'. In 2006 schreef mijn oude band LinK hier ook een nummer over. 'Doge jo wol' hekelt de politieke onwil en de bureaucratische jungle waar vluchtelingen in terecht komen. Luister en download hem hier!
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Refugee – a song –

In June, my band de Introns recorded this song. I wrote it after a visit to the refugees who had set up camp in the middle of The Hague.
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She’s a Punk Rocker U.K. (documentary)

A very nice documentary about punk that you should not ignore. This is our history, this is our present! This documentary shows us some fine musicians. In the background we here the familiar riot girls songs (and if not you really NEED to download these song RIGHT NOW!). The female pioneers of punk give us a gimps into their past, their motivations, politics and their experiences within the squats, the punk scene, the family and well, everywhere in fact. If you're interested in punk, the squat scene, music, gender, etc.; watch this amazing documentary!
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