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DIY travelling with babies II: Carriers

Part Two of Travelling with babies! We are going backpacking in Indonesia, so we want to travel light. The goal is one big backpack, one small backpack and hand luggage. Travelling means carrying. You can carry your baby using a sling, a full buckle carrier or a backpack. Here is a list of all the carriers to choose from and the pro's and con's.
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DIY travelling with babies

This year, we will take our twin baby girls to Indonesia for a backpack holiday. Travelling with baby’s is a whole new experience. People tell me I’m mad for taking baby’s along. Nicer people tell me I’m brave. Mad or brave, it’s gonne happen. This is the story of our adventures abroad.
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How to survive your Ph.D

How to survive your Ph.D-research How wonderful, you have made it to be a PhD-student! After years of hard work to get this position, you can now finally relax and take a breath. Right? Wrong!
Here are 5 tips to help you finish your dissertation while still being a happy person!

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She’s a Punk Rocker U.K. (documentary)

A very nice documentary about punk that you should not ignore. This is our history, this is our present! This documentary shows us some fine musicians. In the background we here the familiar riot girls songs (and if not you really NEED to download these song RIGHT NOW!). The female pioneers of punk give us a gimps into their past, their motivations, politics and their experiences within the squats, the punk scene, the family and well, everywhere in fact. If you're interested in punk, the squat scene, music, gender, etc.; watch this amazing documentary!
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