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Attack by MalaMondo

My band MalaMondo published new recordings for you to download or stream for donation. We managed to get recorded at Soundlodge, a professional studio that is well know for its high quality metal sound. The result is awesome: a great sound and pretty tight songs.


MalaMondo is a punkband from Groningen, the Netherlands, that combines soft and rough guitar riffs with brutal vocals. They started in 2011, but you might have seen the members of MalaMondo in lots of other bands before that. Maynard is a tough drummer who has kept bands like Fleas and Lice, and currently System Bastard, up tempo. Esmo still thinks she can fool the audience with her lollipop pink guitar, but we all know her from LinK and are familiar with the metalzone under her feet. Roisin on the other hand really does put everybody on the wrong foot. This young women might look like she has the voice of an angel: she screams and grunts like an old bastard. Eva is the secret weapon of MalaMondo. She will stun you with her fast and awesome melodic basslines. Eva is a real connaisseur when it comes to music and instruments. She plays the violin in Shoe Eating Rabbits, and the drums in another band.

The name of the band MalaMondo translates to something like Sick World, a statement that resonates with the lyrics. Roisin ‘sings’ about the tough political reality and how these politics interfere with our personal lives. Whether it is about migrants, Erdogan, the burden of your parents, or old heartache: Roisin grunts from her heart till her lungs¬†and throat can only be fixed with proper wodka.

The songs include:

  • Sick Man
  • Bikewars
  • Kamp ¬†Zeist
  • Unlivable
  • Attack
  • Desensitized


So listen up:

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